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We have the following bulls in our breeding program:        


         MCCOY 151L OPPORTUNITY 47N                     Birthdate: Mar 16/07
MCCOY 47N BLUEPRINT 130T                                 Birth Weight: 90 lbs
       MCCOY 58G SUSIE 33K                                                                                                                        






 + 1.6

+ 49.2

+ 84.6

+ 23.1

+ 47.7




We lost this bull last year due to a leg injury in the pasture.  We were sad to see him go but he will live on in our herd with an impressive set of females.  They have lots of growth and good milk production.

       BLAIR-ATHOL HE DA MAN 49T                          Birthdate: Mar 1/11
RAWCLIFFE 49T BIG BEN 61Y                                
Birth Weight:

We added this young bull to the herd in December of 2011.  His calves are easy to pick out in the pen - lots of growth and lots of red!

       SHF WONDER M326 W18 ET                                Birthdate: Jan 1/12
REMITALL-WEST LAFLEUR ET 2Z                      
Birth Weight:

This bull came east from Remitall West's production sale last fall.  He ran with a small group of cows and heifers this year before moving to Triangle Acres for the summer.  In 2015 we sold our half share in this bull to Triangle Acres.  We have some heifers off him still and look forward to watching them develop.

          MCCOY 151L OPPORTUNITY 130T                   Birthdate: Jan 31/12
FGP 45P ZEUS 130T 203Z                                             Birth Weight:
           TWIN-VIEW 54M HEIDI 45P

This impressive young bull comes out of Joseph's herd.  He comes from an easy keeping momma with loads of milk, strong udder, and even temperament.  His sire has given him a natural thickness and good frame to add the pounds to.  Triangle Acres bought half shares in this bull in 2014 after using him one season. 

Our Bulls for 2015:

      Breeding seemed to work well for 2013 and 2014, so we decided to carry it through again for 2015.  The semen tank stayed in the barn and we are letting the bulls do their job.  The bulls in service this year include:
                                  RAWCLIFFE 49T BIG BEN 61Y
                                  FGP 45P ZEUS 130T 203Z
                                  FGP 152T ZEPHYRUS 130T 201Z
                                  FGP 152T ABRAHAM 61Y 306A
                                  FGP 102Y ANDREW 61Y 303A


We also ran a Black Angus yearling bull with some commercial Hereford heifers this year.  Our plan is to offer these replacement heifers for sale this fall.