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FGP Cattle - The Females

The intent of our breeding program is to produce dependable, efficient, self-reliant cattle with moderate frames and quiet dispositions.  Our boys work alongside of us so the cows are used to having some children around.  At the same time, we need cows that are calm and easy to handle. 

With both of us working full time off the farm, the time that we are able to spend working with our cows is less than we would like.  Therefore, we need cows that can take care of themselves.  They have to be good mothers - we do not have time to spend fighting with a calf to get it to drink.  And they have to be healthy.  We will cull a cow if we have to spend too much time doctoring it. 

Our goal here is to showcase some of the stars of our herd.  It is the quality that these cows exhibit that we strive to reproduce in all of our cows.  The camera is being put to use this fall and we hope to have some new pictures of our favourite mommas soon.